The Chapel

During construction, the Main Building incorporated the Chapel into its heart, located above the main entrance and topped by our iconic bell tower. While predominantly used as a Christian space, the Chapel warmly opens its doors to all religions and denominations.

Please feel free to reach out to the Chaplain directly if you have any questions or concerns:

The Chapel community is inclusive and welcomes everyone with open arms. This hospitality is extended to those certain or uncertain of their faith, as well as to those without faith and those from different religious backgrounds. The College also has a Multifaith Prayer room with separate washing facilities available (please ask the Chaplain for directions). The College is also open to suggestions for improvement, so be sure to submit these.

The Chapel hosts a Choral Evensong every Sunday during term time and this is open to all members of the College, their guests, and the public alike. Please take a look at the Chapel’s main page if you are interested in joining the non-audition choir. 

A term card with the Chapel’s current activities is available here: