Environments and Charities

Environmental sustainability

St Hugh’s College is committed to sustainable living, and the MCR is committed to upholding this standard. As such, we strive for a plastic-free environment, and encourage all MCR Members to bring their own cutlery, crockery, and cups to events (even TFS) to avoid single-use products. 

Our beautiful grounds are inhabited by wildlife as well as the College cats, and this is a stark reminder of the direct impact we have on our environment. Please be mindful at all times. Use the provided rubbish bins for any trash you might have. Recycling bins can also be found at various points throughout College. If you have any suggestions for more environmental measures, please forward these to the MCR Environments and Charities Representative: mcr.environment-and-charities-rep@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk.


The College’s history is grounded in compassion and support for those less fortunate, as we were created to support women from less fortunate financial circumstances who could not otherwise have afforded to study at Oxford. In support of this mission, the MCR holds an annual charity auction, at which MCR members auction off fun outings, lessons, and/or small services. These may take the form of sports lessons, home-delivered picnics or treats, and services such as bike cleaning or recommending books. All proceeds are donated to a charity of the MCR’s choice, historically supporting Oxford Homeless Charities and the British Red Cross. Further, the JCR and MCR sometimes join forces to pursue a Charity fundraiser and there is an annual Charity formal, in which the MCR, JCR, and SCR come together for a wonderful dinner prepared by the dining staff.