Meet the College Cats

Admiral Flapjack (female tabby) and Professor Biscuit (male ginger) are British Shorthair cats. They were born on 22nd June 2018.

If you have concerns about the cats, please let our Junior Deans know; they look after Flapjack and Biscuit (

Biscuit is cuddlier and gets lonely (he rarely likes to be by himself). He is a chunky boy and loves treats! He is clinically overweight, so any help with his diet would be appreciated. Flapjack is more independent (she will do whatever she pleases). It might take some time for Flapjack to like you, as compared to Biscuit. She just managed to get in the normal weight range, so let’s try to keep her healthy! 

They need to go back to their flat to be fed and receive their regular medications every day. You are more than welcome to give them occasional treats when you see them, but please don’t give them meals or milk, as they are more than well fed (and milk isn’t very good for cats)! 

If you see them inside buildings, please let them out. It is okay for the cats to visit your rooms, kitchens, and hallways, but please make sure that they leave the building completely, rather than leaving them in hallways, even if the windows are open. Flapjack was once stuck inside a building and hurt herself when she jumped from an open window. 

Ultimately, they are very independent, outdoorsy cats. You will see them everywhere in College. It also makes it important that you don’t litter around College, because we don’t want them to get ill. If you see them chasing after mice, foxes, or pigeons, don’t worry! They (or at least Flapjack) are very good hunters. Sometimes they fight, and that’s okay as well. They usually make up within days. They will always band together against intruders (otherwise known as the other neighborhood cats who sometimes try to visit).