Meet the Committee

Full Committee elections take place in the middle of Michaelmas term, following Hustings, during which each candidate shares their vision and ideas. Once elected by majority vote, the new Committee takes up its responsibilities from Hilary Term.
The St Hugh’s MCR Committee is typically comprised of the following roles: 

The President

Responsible for liaising directly with College and acting as the voice of the MCR. The President can be approached by email or during MCR General Meetings if you have any concerns or questions you feel the community or College should be aware of.

The Vice President

Responsible for managing the MCR budget and general support of the President’s duties. The budget can be viewed at any time by any member of the MCR. Please address all questions, suggestions, and concerns regarding expenditures to the VP. 

The Secretary

Responsible for supporting the MCR Committee through the distribution of information, and collection of minutes during the meetings. The Secretary is responsible for the weekly bulletin, which provides a summary of upcoming events, general information, and opportunities. You are welcome to submit any opportunities (events, work, or otherwise as appropriate) to the Secretary to be shared with the entire MCR community.

The Welfare Officers

The Welfare Officers work towards the general well-being of the MCR. This includes, but is not limited to, organising welfare events and providing free sexual health and menstrual products which can be found in the MCR. Please note, the gender identifications are those of the Welfare Officers, so that you are able to speak to the Officer you are most comfortable with.

The Social Secretaries

Responsible for all things fun, entertainment, and parties. Keep an eye out for their regular communications inviting you to events in College, in a local pub, or at an exchange social with another College.

The Wining & Dining Officers

Responsible for liaising with the College Bursar, Dining Staff, and (sometimes) other Colleges for organising formals and drinks (both home and away).

The Academic Representative

Responsible for fostering a welcoming and educational environment through events or other means by which MCR members can share and discuss academic work. Please reach out with any questions, suggestions, or concerns you may have.

The Sports Representative

Responsible for promoting sports, including the various College sports teams, to members of the MCR, and for the allocation of the amalgamated sports funding in Trinity term. Also responsible for organising reimbursement of MCR members for punting costs in Trinity Term. Please reach out with any questions, suggestions, or concerns you may have.

The IT Representative (DODO)

Responsible for, within reason, maintaining the computing and electrical equipment within the MCR house. More serious issues will need to be reported to the wonderful IT staff at College: The IT Representative also hosts Sunday Film Night, hosted weekly in the MCR Lounge.
For those wondering, the DODO is real (it stands for Director of Digital Operations).

The Equality and Diversity Representative

Responsible for representing the interests and activities of minority groups within the MCR. The concept of ‘Equality and Diversity’ can take on multiple definitions and is particularly directed by how you see yourself represented within your community. Please reach out with any questions, suggestions, or concerns you may have.

The Access Representative

Responsible for helping with college outreach projects, liaising with prospective students, advocating for MCR scholarships, and aiming to increase the proportion of students on research courses. Please reach out with any questions, suggestions, or concerns you may have.

The International Representative

Responsible for representing the interests of MCR members who identify as International Students. Please reach out with any questions, suggestions, or concerns you may have.

The Environment and Charities Representative

Responsible for initiating environmentally friendly measures, such as working towards a plastic-free MCR. Further responsible for organising and hosting the annual MCR Charity Auction held in Hilary Term.

If you are still unsure about where to direct your question, please submit it to and we will be glad to direct you.