Submitting A Motion

If you would like to submit a motion for the community at large to debate, discuss, and ultimately vote on, you need to submit a motion to be presented at the MCR General Meetings. The General Meetings are held twice a term. Please submit questions to the MCR President:

All MCR members are entitled to attend all MCR General Meetings and to propose, speak, and vote on any motion, unless specifically disqualified according to the Constitution (the most up-to-date Constitution can be found here). Voting is done by means of a simple majority, by in-person vote at the General Meeting. If a referendum needs to be brought, this will be communicated in advance, given a platform for debate, and voted upon via the University’s Student Union platform.

If you are unsure what a submitting a motion entails, please find the template below:  

MCR Motion to (insert motion here) 



This MCR notes that: 

  1. Provide a detailed description about the context for the motion–simply statements of fact.  This information is important to help the MCR body understand the context and relevance of the motion. 
  1. For example: “The MCR notes that we have College cats. The MCR notes that there is no dedicated sleeping space for the cats in the MCR”.  

This MCR believes that: 

  1. Provide a detailed motivation for the motion to be passed. Explicit mention of the benefit to the St Hugh’s MCR is be made and sharing of opinions is advised. 
  1. For example: “The MCR believes that the cats need their own space within the MCR to get their 40 winks. The MCR believes that having the cats in the MCR more often will be a benefit to all students.” 

This MCR therefore resolves that: 

  1. Provide statements of resolve, and explicitly describe what the MCR should do. 
  1. For example: “The MCR resolves to purchase cat beds for the MCR lounge. The MCR resolves to lobby the College to install cat flaps in the MCR lounge door.” 
Please note these beds are not in the MCR