Throughout the year, the MCR Committee organises many events for the MCR. Most of these are subsidised to some degree and are a great chance to enjoy Oxford with your fellow graduates.

These are carefully curated to cater for all: whether it’s a quiet Sunday or a raging Friday, there is something for you. 

All questions can be directed to your social secretaries:

TFS (The Friday Social)   

The famous MCR Friday Social takes place (you’ve guessed it) every Friday night in the MCR. With a free bar (providing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks alike), great tunes and sometimes a theme, TFS is a fantastic opportunity to unwind, have fun and get to know your fellow MCR members. We are always open to meeting new people, but please double-check with your social secretaries about bringing guests.

Bar BOPs  

Bops (supposedly standing for “big organised parties”) are big parties held by some Colleges during term time. They typically have a theme, and fancy dress (i.e., costumes) is encouraged with plenty of booze flowing, making for a great night. Keep an eye out on the term card; there may be a Hugh’s Bar BOP coming soon. 

Film and pizza night 

These Sunday night sessions are the perfect moment to relax, catch up and enjoy a film. Film nights are hosted in the MCR Lounge each week and can be selected by popular vote or can be topical according to the time of year (at the discretion of the DODO / IT rep). These evenings are accompanied by pizza – be sure to RSVP early if you have special dietary requirements so you can be accommodated (