Funding & Reimbursement

There are some MCR-specific funding opportunities listed below. The College also offers other academic funding opportunities, which can be found here.

Sports funding 

Each year in Trinity Term, there is a (limited) sports budget for which MCR members can apply. This budget is intended for MCR members who participate in College- or University-based sports, and can be used to fund personal expenses directly related to those sports. Applications for this funding can be submitted through the MCR Sports Rep, and information about how and when to apply will be circulated by email when the application window opens. For more information, feel free to contact the Sports Rep (  

St Hugh’s members who hold a Blue or Half Blue for a university sports team might be able to receive up to 200 pounds a year of additional sports funding through the college. For more information about this funding and how to apply for it, please check ‘Blues Funding’ here:

Summer punting reimbursements

Punting normally takes place during Trinity Term as the weather gets nicer. Like croquet, it’s best enjoyed with Pimm’s! The MCR subsidises some punting trips for MCR members during Trinity Term (look out for the announcement email). To be reimbursed, you will need to leave your bank details and the receipt with the Sports Rep.

You can punt from either of the two punting boathouses. Closest to College is the Cherwell Boathouse on Bardwell Road, about a five to ten minute walk away from College. Prices are £20/hour on weekdays and weekends. 22 Magdalen Bridge Boathouse is more expensive at £25-30/hour and tends to be far busier with tourists.

Each MCR member can only claim punting funding once a year, and only until the budget runs out.